Yemen’s Al-Islah accuses Houthis of ‘looting’ its property

Yemen’s Congregation for Reform Party (Al-Islah) has accused the Houthi military group and its allies of looting its headquarters in the country’s central province of Al-Bayda.

The party explained that joint forces affiliated to the Houthis and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh stormed its headquarters. “The robbery,” the group wrote on its website, was carried out “in broad daylight in front of the village’s residents”.

Furniture and tools were taken from the site.

The Houthis seized control of Yemen’s capital Sana’a in September 2014, forcing the then government into exile. In March the following year, a Saudi-led coalition launched a campaign to try to restore the ousted government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, carrying out thousands of air raids.

But despite more than three years of heavy fighting, the Iran-backed Houthis have maintained control over the most populated provinces including the capital Sana’a.

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